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Brand Protection

Protect your brand and your audience using ZiMovi’s privacy and ownership capabilities. Minimise the risk of competitor advertising and recommendations alongside your content and reduce social risks that could harm your brand persona.

Data Ownership

We give you all your video and audience data. We will never share it or sell it. You own all insights and analytics generated from your ZiMovi platform.

Easy Integration

ZiMovi can be easily integrated into your existing CRM & workflow tools using our developer API’s giving you instant market leading enhancements, additional real time data & valuable insights.

Key Features

Find out how you can benefit more from your video content

  • We chose Zimovi as our video platform partner because they are head and shoulders above the others - and we looked at them all. Their attitude is always 'can do ' with a smile . We are delighted to be banging the drum for a British company that we believe will revolutionise the way companies use video.

    Neil DavidsonMWP Digital, CEO

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