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Set Up & Style

Set Up & Style

A ZiMovi account gives you access to your platform which includes a suite of tools to enhance your video content.

Viewer Interaction

Call to Action & Watermarks

A CTA is used to give the viewer an option to break out from a video and go to a location specified by the URL, e-commerce platform, telephone number, email or file location.

In Player Call to Action

An In Player CTA allows you to add CTAs to your video and let the viewer resume play without taking them to a new web page.

Intelligent Form

Gain further insight into your audience and manage video access permissions.

Flexible & easy to construct: create questionnaires or landing pages with targeted fields collating specific user generated information.

Video Booth

Create single or multiple remote recordings using the ZiMovi platform which will then be stitched together to produce a seamless video for you to monetise, share & track.

Comment Moderation

Moderate and remove detrimental comments to your videos. Protect your reputation and public persona, by reducing social risks against spam, trolls, offensive comments and security threats 24/7 powered by Crisp Thinking.


VStreams provides users with the ability to use both a VCode® and a ZiMovi hosted video together to allow users to share and interact with videos in an instant.

Content Distribution

Video Optimisation

Automatically generate Internet ‘crawler accessible’ video content. Improve your search optimisation, generating more traffic and leads.

Sharing & Syncing

Easily distribute video content across social media platforms. Manage and analyse content & data in one central dashboard.

You own all insights and understand the complete customer viewing journey on a second by second basis.

Multi Channel Management

Manage multiple accounts from one admin account. Set up as a parent/child layout. Push content to all child channels and access full analytics.

SMS Direct and SMS Keyword

SMS messaging is a low cost effective way to push video content directly to your audience. SMS Keywords are used primarily for inbound marketing, in exchange for a service, enter a competition, vote or to receive further information.

Text ZIMOVI to 64446 to receive our demo.

Video Landing page

Direct your audience to a targeted video landing page with video relevant to the content they are expecting to see.

System Integration

Viewer Authentication

Viewers of ZiMovi hosted videos, embedded on a website or intranet that has a Sign-in/Login functionality, to be automatically authenticated using localised company login, without having to login to a ZiMovi channel.

White Label

Take full control of your brand presence online by white labelling your ZiMovi channel and use a url to reflect your company, brand and message.


Add pre-roll and postroll content to your video allowing chargeable advertiser and sponsor exposure. You then have access to all data generated which can be shared with your pre-roll brands.

Pay Per View launching soon.


Our API’S allow our software to talk to your software

Analytics & Reporting

Data and Analytics

Access real time analytics and detailed insights into your viewer. Understand who, where and when your video content is interacted with directly from your mobile device.


ZiMovi’s automated reporting enables you to generate real time reports and share or schedule report generation and send to specific email lists.

Digital Community

Professional Services

This platform tab identifies products and services which our users may not have access to internally. By registering their budgets and time scales ZiMovi will then introduce preferred partners and suppliers to help you drive maximum results.


Live streaming is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of broadcasting your message or event to the masses. It works directly in your browser so no plug-in or software needed. Powered by Gininet. Monetising Live Interactive Streaming

360 Video

Host and distribute 360 video direct from a shareable, trackable url without the need to download an app. Works in conjunction with all ZiMovi features. Click here to watch our demo.

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