ZiMovi Video Intelligence Platform for Business

from UCOM LTD 53 months ago

ZiMovi is an innovative video hosting, communication and marketing platform which allows you to easily store, stream and share your videos from one central dashboard to any device, anywhere in the world.

Simply create a custom ZiMovi channel using your own branding and integrate videos and playlists into your existing website. With ZiMovi you can instantly upload your new videos in just two clicks. Our auto-sync feature can push your content directly to your Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter account meaning it appears in searches on the biggest video platforms out there. Viewers can easily share videos via their own personal social networks to further increase coverage.

You can then use all the great ZiMovi features like Calls-to-Actions, Watermark Overlays, Questionnaires and Video Feedback to protect, distribute, analyse and monetize your content!

Take a look at the ZiMovi Features page on our website HERE for full details.

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