NxG Cloud Voice Platfrom

from Vapour Media 48 months ago

Vapour NxG - shorthand for ‘Vapour next generation’ - is Vapour’s cloud-based telephony platform.

Hosted in the cloud, Vapour NxG is becoming an increasingly popular choice with businesses, particularly those that are on a growth journey.

Replacing bricks and mortar and the subsequent overheads of a traditional working environment, Vapour NxG challenges the traditional conventions around how businesses communicate.

Unlike traditional telephone systems that are often cumbersome, inflexible and demanding of high upfront costs, Vapour NxG provides a scalable, resilient and feature-rich alternative. From a multi-seat customer contact centre, through to a field-based salesforce, Vapour NxG removes the barriers of geography and the soaring costs associated with hardware purchases and upgrades.

Priced on a per-user basis and flexible to the changing needs of your business, it is available at a fraction of the cost of the traditional predecessors.

Vapour NxG platform is a true voice application service, however, as new and emerging technologies are being built they are being introduced and standardised across the platform.

Vapour NxG suite

V Inbound: call recording and voicemail; advanced IVR customisation; time and date routing; call whisper.

V Sip: deliver voice to the PBX over IP, priced on a per-channel basis, eliminating costs for TDM lines; options for IP or traditional PBXs.

V Cloud PBX: unified communications capabilities include presence, conferencing, one-number working, hot-desking and home-working.

V Contact Centre: automated call distribution with multi-site agent grouping; sophisticated in-network queuing; computer-telephony integration.