ZiMovi Training

ZiMovi have created a suite of training courses that cover all the major areas of functionality from creating a channel, uploading videos, adding Call-to-Actions, defining Questionnaires and understanding the analytics and reports. We will be adding to these courses as new features and functions become available, so check back regularly.

Lesson 11 - SMS Direct and SMS Keyword

SMS Direct and SMS Keyword features are used in two different scenarios. Although both these features use SMS, they are hosted on separate platforms and used for totally different video scenarios. SMS Direct is a 1:1 scenario used to send a video to a single recipient when you have a specific message to deliver. For example, selling a car, a job description or a personal video SMS Keyword is a 1:n scenario typically used as part of an outbound marketing campaign to reach a mass audience. The keyword can be the name of a company, brand, event or similar, but is nearly always associated with the video message. Keywords must be unique against an SMS shortcode.