ZiMovi Training

ZiMovi have created a suite of training courses that cover all the major areas of functionality from creating a channel, uploading videos, adding Call-to-Actions, defining Questionnaires and understanding the analytics and reports. We will be adding to these courses as new features and functions become available, so check back regularly.

Lesson 7 - Intelligent Forms

This document contains the functional description for the Intelligent Forms feature which allows for a user-defined form with text and video fields, labels and hyperlinks to be displayed on-screen. An intelligent form is called via a URL so it can be included at a specific point in a video via a Call To Action or anywhere you want to share or embed a form.

Unlike a CTA, a form is not tied to a specific video, it can be used standalone without the user having to view a video. This means it can be used in scenarios where a video is not required as a reason for the form, further increasing the use cases. The textual and video answers are made available to the channel owner, as are full analytics via Analytics-->Questionnaire responses. If required, the video answers can be published to the channel.