ZiMovi Training

ZiMovi have created a suite of training courses that cover all the major areas of functionality from creating a channel, uploading videos, adding Call-to-Actions, defining Questionnaires and understanding the analytics and reports. We will be adding to these courses as new features and functions become available, so check back regularly.

Lesson 5 - 360 Video

The 360 feature enables ZiMovi hosted videos to be viewed in 360 or 180 degrees mode. Also called 360 degrees, immersive or spherical video, they allow a viewer to pan and rotate a 360 or 180 video perspective and watch it from different angles by moving their mobile or tablet device around or dragging a finger across a touchscreen. For fixed devices like a PC, MacBook or laptop the viewing angle is changed by dragging the mouse. Use cases include estate agents, car dealerships, travel and films.