ZiMovi Training

ZiMovi have created a suite of training courses that cover all the major areas of functionality from creating a channel, uploading videos, adding Call-to-Actions, defining Questionnaires and understanding the analytics and reports. We will be adding to these courses as new features and functions become available, so check back regularly.

Lesson 3 - Embedding and Sharing

The Embedding and Sharing features enable ZiMovi hosted videos to attract the largest possible viewing audiences by ensuring they are embedded on websites and shared by viewers via their own social networking accounts. Embedding and sharing are similar features but have different use cases:

Embedding - A channel owner can choose to embed vidoes and playlists in web sites via an embed iframe string. ZiMovi allows for embedding to be controlled, if required the channel owners can turn off global embedding and restict it to specified domains only:

Sharing – A viewer can share a video across their own social networks via the share button in the video player. All share and view analytics are visible in the platform

All embedded and sharing viewing activities are recorded in ZiMovi advanced analytics allowing the channel owner to accurately understand viewer activity across websites and different social media platforms.