ZiMovi Training

ZiMovi have created a suite of training courses that cover all the major areas of functionality from creating a channel, uploading videos, adding Call-to-Actions, defining Questionnaires and understanding the analytics and reports. We will be adding to these courses as new features and functions become available, so check back regularly.

Lesson 6 - Watermarks and Call To Actions

This training course shows you how to add a Watermark and Call to Actions to videos you have uploaded to ZiMovi. A watermark is usually your organisation logo, a product or brand. There is one watermark per channel and you can choose on a per-video basis if you want to enable it. Typically a watermark is visible for the entire length of the video, a bit like the channel ident you see on the top left of your TV screen.

You can define multiple Call to Actions in a video and you can have more than one on screen simultaneously. A CTA has a start and end time between which a viewer can choose to click on it. When clicked the video pauses and the CTA Action URL is invoked. You can insert any URL in a CTA, it might go to an e-commerce site, a call centre, another video etc. CTAs are created for individual videos, they cannot be shared across videos.