All video interactions, analytics and behaviour in one central dashboard

Video sharing via SMS, e-mail and social media

Manage and share videos on any mobile device

How your videos can make money

Smart Questionnaire technology to capture key user data

An incredibly powerful player

A smarter way to look at video hosting, management, distribution, and sharing.

Begin your digital journey with us. Build and launch in minutes.

ZiMovi transforms your videos. It lets you work from virtually anywhere on any device, the way you want to, wherever you are. Get powerful tools for centralizing, managing, distributing, analyzing and sharing your videos and grow your own digital assets.

Video is the most powerful media to carry and spread your message


Manage your existing video content via one intelligent dashboard. Push content to your social media platforms and see what is happening in real time. For example, if you have existing videos on your YouTube channel or Vimeo you can manage them from your ZiMovi dashboard, collect viewer interactions and analyse viewer behavior. Best of all you can do all this from any device!


Safeguard your intellectual property rights by all available means. Your content, your style, your data, your privacy preference; all in your control. And that’s a beautiful thing.


ZiMovi tells you everything that you want to know about your audience. We collect data from player activities, sharing actions, embedded call-to-actions, video ads and even web forms that you can design. Detailed reports and analytics are presented to you within your channel.


Take control of any ads you insert into your videos, driving traffic directly to your payment and e-commerce platforms and keeping 100% of your revenue. We support both video ads (YouTube TrueView style) and call-to-actions.

ZiMovi is loved and trusted by companies of any size around the world.

  • We were blown away by the comprehensive functionality offered by ZiMovi!”

    Christina O’Connor
    Christina O’ConnorCreative Director
  • “In the past year, we have revised our in-house training and external marketing to embrace video. The ZiMovi platform enables us to share training videos to all our staff, wherever they are, office based or working on site and ensure the videos are being viewed.”

    Bernard Bastow
    Bernard BastowManaging Director

ZiMovi On-The-Go

Get it done from anywhere. Desktop, tablet, phone? People work across a variety of devices from different locations and all need a consistent, clean, and fast experience. ZiMovi gives both your viewers and stuff access to everything they need from anywhere with the best possible experience.

ZiMovi is your LAST video intelligence platform & hosting partner  EVER

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