The Channel White Label feature that enables a ZiMovi channel and platform to be branded with your choice of domain name.

This is a bespoke service that is carried out on a consultancy basis. By implementing this feature anyone viewing a video on the channel will not see in any of the URLs. Instead they will see the channel owner’s choice of domain name thereby creating the impression it is a private video channel.

If you have an existing user base who authenticate on your website, you will improve confidence by directing viewers to a url that contains your domain name.


Use this feature for:

• Maintaining viewer trust – give your viewers confidence in your video content and page by associating it with your website domain name. White labelling your channel gives your viewers the impression that you have your own private video channel, rather than using a shared platform
• Brand protection – a white label video platform improves the viewer journey ensuring your page URL reflects your brand and web site
• Enhanced SEO – Including brand names and keywords as a part of your SEO strategy can positively impact on search engine optimisation

Feature Overview

All cloud-based video platforms are accessed via a url (examples include, https://vimeo. com and Viewers watching a video will see the platform domain name in the url indicating it is hosted on a public, shared platform. Channel white labelling allows for channel owners to replace with so that a viewer will assume it is your own video channel.

This is particularly important if you are embedding videos on your website as the domain URL will remain consistent when a video is being viewed, rather than displaying a URL containing

Sub-domains are supported for white-labelling purposes, for example if you have training and support sub-domains they are included in the white labelling:


White labelling implementation includes the installation and configuration of a dedicated load balancer for your ZiMovi channel on our back-end servers.

  • This has a number of benefits including:
  • Inappropriate traffic is blocked which removes the risks associated with sharing multiple load balancers
  • Google will not associate your channel traffic with any other traffic. A shared scenario means your channel could be deemed inappropriate or detrimental by association. This has been known to lead to domain blacklisting
  • Any peaks and troughs in general traffic on shared load balancers could be associated with your channel and reflect negatively with Google

The White Labelling feature is not included in any ZiMovi subscriptions.  To go ahead you must have the required domain name available prior to booking the consultancy.  Please contact us directly for a bespoke quotation tailored to your exact requirements.

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