ZiMovi’s Data and Analytics features enable ZiMovi channel owners to calculate return on their video investment by analysing viewer interaction data and sharing activities in real-time.

Understand who is watching your videos, where they sourced the video, how long they watched the video for, if they shared the video and if so who to, are powerful tools to help you dynamically adapt and monitor your marketing activities.

ZiMovi does not restrict any access or insights ensuring that you have all information including who is watching, where they are watching from, when they are watching, how long for and on what device. Whilst other platforms may look to monetise your data, ZiMovi believes your data is your own and we will never give or sell this information to third parties.

Channel Analytics

Channel analytics are gathered from all the active videos on
the channel, displaying:

  • Video interactions – contains general information on who is viewing a video
  • Video ads – displays information defining who watched pre/post roll videos
  • Call-to-action – identifies who clicked on a CTA and what the click action was
  • Share activities – shows who shared a video and by what media the share was made
  • Comparison – displays an interactive pie chart showing share method analysis
  • Timeline – highlights a pictorial analysis of videos viewings with completion data
  • Geolocation – visualises world map with videos viewing data
  • Questionnaire responses – collates questionnaire response details
  • Comments – lists videos comments and status

All the tables can be exported as .CSV files for deeper analysis

Video Analytics

Individual video analytics show the following three options:

  • Insight – displays charts showing the video interactions and viewer engagement data
  • Activities – video interaction table displaying per view data with columns including:
    • Time
    • Name
    • Email
    • Country and IP address
    • Device and browser
    • Type
    • Source
    • Share
    • Video title
    • Progress
    • Plays
  • Geolocation map – displays world map with video
    viewing data (down to 11 metres)

Feature Overview

Use this feature to:

  • See, in real-time, who, what, when where and how viewers are watching your videos, on a second by second basis, allowing instant awareness and reaction
  • Improve user experience – after a viewer has been identified on one of your channels, all sites and devices are available to them without a log-in request
  • Create personalised identification – use detailed data to create a personas of your viewer, valuable to understanding your audience and marketing into them
  • Community building – Grow and understand your community by utilising channel and playlist privacy settings.
  • Define target audiences using segmentation. Strengthen your understanding of and ability to communicate to your followers
  • Monitor ROI – Track if users are engaging with your video, how long they are watching videos and which social media stream or URL the viewer watched the video from
  • Form Reports – View full reports within the ZiMovi platform or export as a CSV
  • Pull Analytics into your existing database / CRM – ZiMovi allows users to access and import their analytical data via API. Full API documentation can be found here. The REST APIs provide programmatic access to read and write ZiMovi data and they identify ZiMovi applications and users using OAuth
  • Identify cause & effect – in real time

Use Cases

Data and Analytics is a standard feature included in all ZiMovi subscriptions. Organisations with only a few viewings/videos will find the built-in tabular displays sufficient. Organisations with large viewing figures or a lot of videos will may analyse the data externally using the .CSV export option or by direct
integration to the underlying data via our API.

Your Data

Only ZiMovi allows you access to 100% of the data collected via your channel video activities. We do not withhold any ‘personally identifiable’ information and we do not share your data with any third parties.

The Data and Analytics feature is included in all ZiMovi subscriptions.

01 / Start

Our start package is great for finding your feet with video or if you have little content at this stage.

02 / Grow

A few more bells and whistles for those who want to implement video into their business strategy or have more content available or planned.

03 / Accelerate

For those video whizz’s who can take full advantage of all the amazing tools ZiMovi has to offer. Plenty of room to upload content and have access to our suite of video functions.

04 / Amplify

A great option for high content, high usage folk. Lots of user and upload options available here plus all the great ZiMovi functions to amplify your video content.

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