Gininet Background

Gininet broadcast the Rugby League World Cup qualification matches live from the USA last year as PPV (pay per view), Gininet hosts regular business briefings for BDO’s head office in London and is working with a number of high profile businesses and brands to help them engage with their customers in new ways and sell products in conjunction with Shazam, Gimbal, ZiMovi and Eventbrite.

Use Cases

Gininet can be used to create new online income streams, or as an overlay to existing ‘real world’ experiences and events, including:

  • Professional services
  • Virtual mentoring
  • Online learning
  • Behind the scenes
  • Online auctions
  • Live signings of books
  • Virtual ‘VIP’ meet and greets
  • Merchandise and memorabilia


Gininet is unlike any other interactive live streaming solution. It has integrated scheduling, ticketing, different levels of engagement, promote multiple events, monitor ticket sales, charge for it wherever you may be in the world and gather the analytics after broadcast. This means you can charge for your services or content.

Feature Overview

Gininet works directly out of the browser which means you do not need to download a plug-in or software onto your computer or device to use Gininet. Therefore you can use the inbuilt camera, microphone and speakers in your device to broadcast on Gininet. You can also use a full camera and mixer set-up from a studio or outside broadcast. You simply need to compress the feed to allow it to be distributed via the Internet.

Live streaming is provided via a consultancy-led arrangement.
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