The ZiMovi Professional Services feature is an online marketplace for users to buy and sell their services and is unique across other video platforms; it allows organisations who provide video related services to connect with other channel owners who are looking to acquire similar services.

Users can specify their project in terms of requirements and budget and ZiMovi will match this with an approved service provider who has the necessary skills and can deliver the project within the channel owners budget.


Professional Services allows ZiMovi channel owners and service providers to create and build a video focussed ecosystem that benefits both parties, building success rate. This compliments internal skills with external resource.

Channel Owners

For channel owners:

  • Service Provider access – clients with video project requirements have access to an approved list of service providers
  • Efficient process – quick matching of a client with a supplier that meets a defined set of criteria based on (but not solely) service needs, budget and delivery timeframe
  • Enhanced use and ROI – fully utilise all features and functionality of your channel with services from ZiMovi approved service providers

Service Providers

For Service Providers:

  • Increase reach and client base – get automatic notification of any channel owner projects that meet your skill set and budget requirements
  • Defined referrals – any channel owners that have subscribed to a channel via a service provider affiliate link will be automatically matched every time a new project is published • Free marketing – your range of services will be made available to all channel owners

Professional Services are provided via a consultancy-led arrangement.
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