ZiMovi’s unique Video Booth enables a viewer to record a fixed length video (defined by the channel owner) answer to a question on an Intelligent Form. Once all questions are answered the questionnaire is submitted and automatically uploaded to a channel where the answers can be viewed by the channel owner and, if required, the video can be published to the channel.

The Video Booth feature is a part of the Intelligent Form functionality. It utilises a specific question type called ‘Video Question’ which allows a viewer to answer a question with a video clip. Unlike other platforms ZiMovi uses WebRTC functionality which does not require a video-recording app to be downloaded to your device or desktop, the recording feature makes use of the WebRTC (Web Real-time Communication) API that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat and peer to peer (P2P) file sharing without the need of either internal or external plug-ins.

This means a viewer can record and submit an answer using the technology already built into their smart phone.


  • Remote video feedback – a unique feature that allows a channel owner to create a smart questionnaire that is a mix of textual and video questions and answers enabling a rich user experience
  • Easy access for users – interaction with viewers uses the latest browser based functionality without the need to download an app
  • Device friendly – all the features and functionality are accessible across ALL devices with a supported browser enabling videos to be viewed by the largest possible audience
  • Emotive content – real life answers in video format are much more emotive than textual responses as they can show sentiment and personality. Your audience can relate to the video responses
  • Genuine content – video content is filmed by real users describing answers and experiences creating a genuine bond and relationship

Feature Overview

When the viewer reaches a video question they have two options regarding the video answers:

  • • Record answer – a window on the form shows the current image being captured by the device camera. The viewer is informed that they have XX seconds to record an answer to the question after which they can review and accept, or re-record the video
  • Upload video – instead of recording a video a viewer can choose to upload a video recorded earlier. No checking is done on the length of uploaded videos

Use Cases

Video feedback can be utilised in scenarios where the channel owner wants to encourage viewer collaboration as it allows for a much richer interactive experience.

Use cases include:

  • Competitions
  • Product reviews
  • Talent show auditions
  • Job interviews
  • Security verification
  • Compliance scenarios
  • Training and certification scenarios
  • Viewer identification

The Remote Video Feedback feature is included in these ZiMovi subscriptions:

03 / Accelerate

For those video whizz’s who can take full advantage of all the amazing tools ZiMovi has to offer. Plenty of room to upload content and have access to our suite of video functions.

04 / Amplify

A great option for high content, high usage folk. Lots of user and upload options available here plus all the great ZiMovi functions to amplify your video content.

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