Automatically generate reports and schedule report sending


Automatically generate reports and schedule report sending

ZiMovi’s automated reporting enables you to generate real time reports and share or schedule report generation and send to specific email lists. This makes your overall reporting process more efficient, saving you time and effort. Share custom reports to show ROI of your video content

Create relevant and meaningful analytical overviews to demonstrate overall or specific video success. Easily share reports or automate to send to specific email addresses.

No need to wait for reports to be processed or rely on manual creation. Easily generate real time reports.

Work smarter and save time and effort by automating reports. Guarantee the right people receive the right information when they are expecting it.


  • Reducing production time and cost using reports displaying information clearly and concisely
  • Easily share reports in PDF format once created
  • Customise date range for accurate comparison and measure
  • Scheduled send manages expectations and guarantees information is received by the correct people, in the correct format at the agreed and expected time
  • Efficient – reports are generated so no need to spend time creating manual reports

Use Cases

  • Marketing Managers – who need regular updates to measure the success of their campaign or to add to an end of campaign review
  • Social Media Managers – to add into their social strategy report highlighting the outcome of video content across social media platforms
  • Presentation to Management – Presentations to Business Owners, the Board, Directors or Senior Management can include relevant data as evidence of ROI
  • SEO Managers – Show video impact on SEO campaigns when video is optimised using the tools within platform
  • Team Leaders – Show evidence of staff and team success related to video projects they have been involved in
  • Agencies – Automate reports direct to client and be reassured they are receiving regular updates or include as part of an Agency supplied client reports
  • Video Producers – Keep up to date with the success of content created with regular overviews of success

Feature Overview

Customisable Report
Within the generated report you can define the following attributes:

  • Data to be included
  • Date range – defined by week, month or customised
    date range
  • One time report production – containing real time data for
    you to analyse and/or share
  • Schedule date of send and frequency of send
  • Define email list for each send
  • Define report format – PDF or csv

ZiMovi automated reporting allows you to customise:

  • Data and information contained in the report
  • Date of send
  • Format of report – PDF & csv available
  • Frequency of send
  • Date range
  • Real time report creation and send

The reports can include:

  • Graph 1: views, unique viewers, completed video
  • Graph 2: Video shares comparison (facebook,
    YouTube, twitter, SMS, email, Qr code, link,
  • Graph 3 : Per/post rolls, shares, CTA
  • Stats table : Detailed data on a per video basis
    (exportable in CSV format)

Report Notifications: Add email addresses and a personal message to notify people of the recurring reports. Notifications contain a summary of the report and comparison with the previous period.

Reporting is a standard feature included in all ZiMovi subscriptions

01 / Start

Our start package is great for finding your feet with video or if you have little content at this stage.

02 / Grow

A few more bells and whistles for those who want to implement video into their business strategy or have more content available or planned.

03 / Accelerate

For those video whizz’s who can take full advantage of all the amazing tools ZiMovi has to offer. Plenty of room to upload content and have access to our suite of video functions.

04 / Amplify

A great option for high content, high usage folk. Lots of user and upload options available here plus all the great ZiMovi functions to amplify your video content.

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