Mobile messaging is a key communication tool for many companies and brand owners, allowing the sending and receiving of SMS messages for alerts, advertising, updates, training, offers, instructions, directions, competition  entries and to seek further information amongst many other uses. ZiMovi empowers users to optimise SMS messaging in two direct ways: SMS Messaging: Sending SMS

SMS messaging is a low cost effective and efficient way to push video content directly to your partners, subscribers and community members. Share your video links via SMS direct from the portal, ensuring your message can be sent instantly to your audience’s mobile device direct from the ZiMovi portal. Just shoot, upload and share. Within minutes your video has received by your audience, direct to their personal device.

SMS sending history is integrated into ZiMovi’s analytics associated with the video so it is easy to see which SMS numbers the video has been sent to as well as the number of viewings and further social shares.

SMS Messaging Benefits

Use SMS Messaging to:

  • Accessible – reach users wherever they are with their mobile phone in hand
  • Shareable – the message can be forwarded on to others, with all share history available within the ZiMovi central dashboard analytics panel
  • Receive anywhere – no internet access required to receive, text messages can still be received and the link saved for when internet is available
  • Personalised – send directly to the recipient in person
  • High impact – open, response and conversion rates from an SMS are higher than other forms of communication for certain demographics, which could be your target audience
  • Instant access – no need to download an app as you would with QR codes and other forms of messaging

SMS Messaging Feature Overview

SMS Keywords are used primarily for inbound marketing, inviting a user to text a pre-registered keyword into a five digit short-code number in exchange for a service, often to enter a competition, register a vote or to receive further information. The keyword may be the name of a company, brand, event or similar, but is nearly always associated with the video message.

For example, we use 64446 ZIMOVI to guide people to our corporate video and presentation. The video iframe is embedded into the vSMS design so when people click on the URL sent as a response to them texting 64446 ZIMOVI, they will play the video and have access to any other vSMS features that have been included in the vSMS design. Direct SMS messages can be up to 160 characters, if your message is longer we can join multiple SMS messages together.

SMS Messaging Use Cases

Use SMS Messaging for:

  • Approvals – send a video directly to an individual for approval to publish
  • Press/PR – send directly to a journalist/publication for their attention/use
  • Sales – send video of a product directly to a prospective buyer
  • Marketing – Grow your audience and strengthen your brand
  • Networking – Instantly share company information when meeting a prospect
  • Keyword Marketing: Receiving SMS

SMS Keyword Benefits

Use Sms Keywords to:

  • Build rich customer profiles – customers texting into your shortcode give you their mobile number and IP address which you can add to a customer profile
  • Viral – easy to share and grow, increase reach and collect all analytics in the ZiMovi platform
  • Memorable – choosing an easily related and memorable keyword allows your audience to remember how to reach your content easily
  • Build your brand – make your keyword related to your brand or mission to improve brand association
  • Create a digital business card – ideal business card replacement or addition. Avoid the risk of your business card being lost by distributing your contact information via a short code

SMS Keyword Feature Overview

ZiMovi is able to register keywords for Channel owners to use alongside / within their video messages. Texts sent into the keyword will cost users their standard network rate and you’ll receive an instant email notification as soon as anyone texts into the keyword, containing their message, mobile number and time and date stamp.

SMS Keyword Use Cases

Use SMS Keywords For

  • Retail/POS/Websites – display shortcode/keyword in store / online
  • Events/presentations – use keywords to register guests and gather attendee details
  • Competitions – enter by texting into a keyword
  • Voting – gather votes by keyword options
  • Advertising – add a keyword to an advert and encourage viewers to text in
  • Donation – Text in to donate

Every ZiMovi subscription includes an outbound SMS credit bundle, unused SMS credits expire at the end of each month.

The SMS Keyword feature is not currently included in any ZiMovi subscription. Please contact us for further details and commercials.

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