Encouraging viewers to interact with your videos allows you to build relationships, develop a community and start conversations with your audiences, however not all comments posted may be as suitable to your brand and community as you like and could have a negative or detrimental impact to your reputation. As a brand owner you may worry about competitor references, negative, aggressive or bullying comments or inappropriate content.


This feature does not censor the viewer comments posted on your channel videos. You are given the choice to publish or ignore comments with inappropriate content flagged up in real time.

Use Cases

Use this feature to:

  • Remove inappropriate content
  • Remove illegal content
  • Detect and eliminate spam and propaganda
  • Detect and eliminate hate speech
  • Remove SPAM and offensive content

Feature Overview

ZiMovi has developed an automated comment and response moderation tool to allow you to filter and approve inappropriate comments or phrases in real time, before they appear online, giving you peace of mind that your brand and messages are secure and protected. Many organisations choose to disable comments on other platforms as they have no control over the content of comments that are posted, this is not necessary with videos hosted on ZiMovi. We will automatically and in real-time allow you to moderate comments before they are made live on your active videos.

Powered by Industry leaders Crisp Thinking, the ZiMovi comment and response moderation tool automatically and in real-time moderate comments posted to your active videos. When a word or phrase matches an entry on the blacklist, both the person posting the content and the channel owner are notified that the comment has been flagged for review. The channel owner can then review the comment and choose to publish or delete it as required.

The Comment and Response Moderation feature is included in the following ZiMovi subscriptions:

02 / Grow

A few more bells and whistles for those who want to implement video into their business strategy or have more content available or planned.

03 / Accelerate

For those video whizz’s who can take full advantage of all the amazing tools ZiMovi has to offer. Plenty of room to upload content and have access to our suite of video functions.

04 / Amplify

A great option for high content, high usage folk. Lots of user and upload options available here plus all the great ZiMovi functions to amplify your video content.

We also offer a package specifically tailored to high net worth individuals looking for online brand protection.

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