Interacting with viewers allows you to gain valuable feedback, gain opinions and collect data, directly from your viewers at the exact time you need it. ZiMovi’s unique Intelligent Form feature allows channel owners to embed a single or series of questions on their channel.

A questionnaire form is called via a URL so it can be included at a specific point in a video via a Call To Action (CTA) or anywhere you want to share or embed a questionnaire. Unlike a CTA, a questionnaire is not tied to a video, it can be used standalone without the user having to view a video. This means it can additionally be used in scenarios where a video is not required as a reason for the questionnaire, further increasing the use cases.

With ZiMovi Intelligent Forms you can have full control of the form, questions and answers. Build your questionnaire to meet your objective from a single answer competition entry or defined access to a complete exam, multi-question form. Predefined fields create more targeted answers by filtering questions based upon the previous answers. For example If you come from ‘x’ go straight to question ‘y’.

An intelligent form can also be used to collect feedback in video format where a textual or video question has a video response recorded by the viewer. The channel owner can specify the length of time the user has to record a response.

The form results will appear within the ZiMovi portal where they can be reviewed and published to the channel if required.


Use this feature to:

  • Improve user experience and make your questionnaire/data capture easily accessible
  • Collect feedback and video responses from viewers
  • Collect personally identifiable data: Require a user login to your channel before, during or after a video.
  • Define and understand your audience – use scoring metrics to weight and segment your audience and answers. This could involve identifying trends or focusing on a target audience
  • Understand and manage audience thought process – choose whether users can amend answers or force an answer that is their first thought or instinct
  • Video and questionnaire interaction – combine a video viewing with a questionnaire. This allows the viewer to receive additional information/help regarding the question being asked, or it could be a full blown training video after which the viewer has to answer a series of questions
  • Dynamic drop-downs using the Data feed question type allow a user to choose from a list of answers dynamically generated from an external web page or database. This is very useful when the answers might change on a regular basis as it does not require the question to be edited.


Obtain personally identifiable information including:

  • Full name
  • Postal address,
  • Email address,
  • Mobile/fixed line numbers,
  • Social networking URL’s,
  • Age, etc


Gather information for outbound marketing purposes:

  • Competitions / Polls
  • Product reviews
  • Talent show auditions
  • Job interviews
  • Security verification
  • Compliance scenarios
  • Training and certification scenarios
  • Internal questionnaires

The intelligent form is included in these ZiMovi subscriptions:

02 / Grow

A few more bells and whistles for those who want to implement video into their business strategy or have more content available or planned.

03 / Accelerate

For those video whizz’s who can take full advantage of all the amazing tools ZiMovi has to offer. Plenty of room to upload content and have access to our suite of video functions.

04 / Amplify

A great option for high content, high usage folk. Lots of user and upload options available here plus all the great ZiMovi functions to amplify your video content.

Want to learn how? Click here to watch our Zimovi Intelligent Form training video.

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