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Integrate With Your Own Data Feed

ZiMovi Smart Questionnaire comes with remote data support built in.

Remote Data Features

Search against the remote data feed that you specified.
Infinite scroll to load more pages within the dropdown.
New entry creation
Specify whether or not you allow people to specify their own answer if not being found in your data feed.
Flexible data schema
ZiMovi support single data filed, id+text field and pagination structure. See examples at the bottom of this page for details.
Elegant user experience on mobile devices.
ZiMovi collect both id and text of the option being selected by user.
Yes, the data feed can be in any language of your choice.
Key stroke delay
ZiMovi set a time limit of 250ms for debouncing requests to your data feed regardless of how fast people type.

See It In Action (e.g. the Github question)

ZiMovi Video Interview App (Our job application page)

Single field data feed example

[{"any_variable_name":"Sample option 1"},{"any_variable_name":"Sample option 2"}]

Both id and name data feed example

[{"id":"SAMPLE_ID_1", "name":"SAMPLE_NAME_1"},{"id":"SAMPLE_ID_2", "name":"SAMPLE_NAME_2"}]

Pagination enabled data feed example

total_count is required in your data responses, and the page variable is required to be supported by the data requests; you have control of how many items to have each page, and we don’t need to know.

  "total_count": 24763,
  "items": [
      "id": 27745206,
      "name": "example 1"      
      "id": 15568684,
      "name": "example 2" 
    ... ...
    ... ...

Github API example is of this type, and you may get inspired from their document. You can also use the following data source to test


remote data question example

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