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Automated Video SEO with Structured Data

Video SEO & Why

The goal of video SEO is to let search engines (like google, bing and others) easily find and understand your videos. In return, they will display your videos higher in the relevant search results.

Good video SEO also improves the generic ranking for the pages that your videos sit on and increase the conversion rate.

What’s the best way for SEO to embed videos using iframes?

Generally speaking, iframes are bad for SEO since search engines don’t relate the iframe content to the parent page. However, you may ask why all the popular video sites still use iframes as the default and preferred embedding method? It’s because of the world is shifting to HTML5 and iframe is proven to be the best way to handle embedded videos in that world.

Luckily, the search crawlers don’t watch videos any way and they simply rely on the textual content around the video.

So, do you have to write lots of text around your video for the sake of getting it indexed? With ZiMovi, absolutely unnecessary. We automatically create a structured data object and put it in your page header. When the crawlers come to your page next time, they will love what they see and happily index your video.

What does the data object contain? Here you go:

The title of the video.
The description of the video.
transcript (if available)
The video subtitle or caption, and ZiMovi support multilingual.
comments (optional)
The top comments, and you have full control to moderate them.
tags (if available)
The tags of the video.
The duration of the video
upload date
The date that the video being uploaded

What do search engines see?

Still confused? Let me give you an example to show you how does Google watch the following video:

iframe video SEO

Example embedding code (and yes, this code generates the above video)

<iframe data-zi-seo="true" src="" width="1280" height="720" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Cross-domain iframe communication, but how?

If you are a techie, you may wondering what technologies ZiMovi player use to pass data to the parent page and insert metadata to the header.

Firstly, our player use HTML5 window.postMessage to establish a secure pipe with the parent page to allow and only allow data to travel between ZiMovi and your page.

Secondly, the textual video information will be pushed to your page while it’s loading. It won’t affect your page loading speed at all since it’s all done in parallel through that pipe.

And then, the information will be checked again before putting into a data objected in the json-ld format.

Finally, the json-ld object is inserted into the header.

To sum up, it’s super fast and secure and you don’t need video sitemap anymore since the happy crawlers found all the information they ever dream of. Oops, did I mention it works absolutely well on mobile devices?

Ready to try it yourself? 10-minute setup guide

Step 1
Include jQuery if your site doesn’t have it already.
Step 2
Include zimovi.js script anywhere after the jQuery script. You can either use our CDN (powered by Amazon) or download it to your server.

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
Step 3
Now, tick the enable SEO box and copy-paste the video embedding code onto your site. Alternatively, you can simply add data-zi-seo=true to the normal ZiMovi iframe code. That’s it!

Hang on a minute. How about the SEO on our ZiMovi channel?

The channel SEO comes out of the box. ZiMovi generate and submit video sitemap to search engines and we also create json-ld markups on your video pages, including video title, description, time-stamps, related videos (powered by BM25 algorithm), comments (auto moderated), video tags, and transcripts (multilingual).

Video sitemap and search ranking

Can we white-label our channel to use our own domain name?

Absolutely, and we even allocate a dedicated load-balancer for you.

How can we ensure video comments add positive SEO impact?

At ZiMovi, all the video comments are automatically moderated to eliminate trolls, spam, and worse.

Does my ZiMovi channel add SEO value to my own website?

Absolutely. ZiMovi use the BM25 algorithm to calculate the most related videos and use the keywords to enhance the current video. More importantly, we build internal links so that the crawlers will connect the videos together. Did you know why the crawlers love the related videos on ZiMovi channel? Because the modern search engine use the same BM25 algorithm to calculate content relevancy.

My videos are hosted on YouTube and Vimeo, can we still use ZiMovi to boost SEO?

Yes, you can simply add your video links to ZiMovi, and we give you new embedding code instantly.

What’s the next step? Can you give us some tips?

  • When you embed videos, we recommend you to have only one video per web page. Well, the search engines are able to support multiple videos per page, but it confuses them that which video should relate to the rest of the  page content.
  • Use tags and descriptions when you upload your videos. Natural descriptions are fine.
  • Pick a good thumbnail to encourage people to click through (e.g. brighter colour, image of face, etc)
  • Upload transcripts if you can. As I said earlier, the search crawlers don’t watch your videos and transcripts is very useful to let them know what’s the video about.
  • Add a link to your ZiMovi channel from your main site. It’s a big favour for the search engines to link the videos and pages together.
  • Share your videos to your own social network accounts and encourage viewers to share your videos as well.
  • Encourage viewers to comment on the videos.
  • With the ZiMovi video embedding, you no longer need a video sitemap; however, you still need a general sitemap.
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