VStreams provides users with the ability to use both a VCode® and a ZiMovi hosted video together to allow users to share and interact with videos in an instant. This combination provides you with not only an efficient video engagement tool with customer start to finish real-time analytics, but also the ability to provide a closed loop viewer authentication process, ensuring your videos are always reaching the right audience. VCode® end-points can always be changed in real-time, from within the ZiMovi portal, allowing you to never have to refresh advertising material and allowing you to respond to real-time trends and interactions.

Within a Video

By adding a VCode® as a call to action (CTA) or as a watermark to a video hosted by ZiMovi, viewers can then either scan using their device and VCode® app or tap if watching on their device, to view and interact with the content.

Video owners can tailor the response of the CTA depending on whether they have scanned that code before, their location, the date, day or time of the scan. Video owners can chose to display further videos, images, initiate a phone call or add action buttons such as buy or order now redirecting users to an external URL of payment gateway. All a user requires is to have the VCode® app open on their device.

External to a Video

A user can scan a VCode® anywhere to instantly access a video hosted on ZiMovi. Add a VCode® to your promotions, event activity, merchandise and instruct a user to scan to access a video. With ZiMovi hosted videos you can overlay interactive CTAs to engage with your viewer whilst measuring the full customer journey analytics starting from the initial scan through to views and interactions. As all ZiMovi hosted videos fully supports all video formats including 360 and VR, you can direct users to your branded channel, dedicated video page or embed videos directly into your website, ensuring your user has an efficient and seamless viewing experience.


A VCode® CTA or Watermark enables you to:

  • Create interactive video experiences directing your viewers’ attention and highlighting an action when the VCode® is scanned
  • Access and own all of your analytics for all of your codes and video views and interactions. Create and schedule automated email reports to be sent to multiple email addresses.
  • Offer changeable, meaningful information when scanned based on user data (including geographic location, or number of scans) providing a tailored and seamless experience to your user. All VCode® endpoints can be changed in real-time within the ZiMovi platform.
  • Complete control – With ZiMovi you have complete control of the external links used within any CTA. There is no approval process or restrictions imposed.
  • Prevent and track piracy by adding a VCode® watermark or at a micron level in your video. By tagging VCode®s with user data and adding them to your videos, you can ensure if your video is distributed without permission you can track the source and owner.
  • Closed loop authentication app – Via the VCode® you can specify the exact view permissions of your videos and content down to an exact date, day, time or users email address.
  • Access and own analytics for your full customer journey from scan through to video activity including time-related and real time date.
  • Flexibility to manage the content available on a specific VCode® for a specific viewer, based on who, where, when and number of scans, first time viewer or returning viewer.
  • Use infinite VCode® uses and locations – audiences can easily scan VCode®s at a distance, when moving, at an angle, on all media, even when damaged up to 30%.
  • Create multiple actions and interactive content for your audience quickly and easily, including scan to order, pay, initiate a call, display further details or find out more information or to initiate a voice or video call.

All analytics generated within the platforms are confidential. All viewer data belongs to the channel owner and will not be shared with any third parties.

Feature Overview

There are a number of ways you can use a VCode® to quickly share information and ZiMovi features with your users. All functionality can be found within the ZiMovi platform where you will be directed to the correct page for set up. The following VCode® uses are listed within the ZiMovi platform:

  • A single entity code – Ideal for private use, positioned in one location or set up for a single person to access information specific to them
  • Share Information – VCode® links to further information, this could be in the form of a URL or document
  • Set up a Campaign – encourage your user to interact, this could be a survey or quiz linking back to the app
  • Create a Transaction – this is financial transaction taken within the VCode® app
  • Add a VCode® to an existing video as a CTA or watermark. You can set this up to do the following actions:
  • Video – Scan a VCode® to take you to a dedicated video URL. The video will play directly via the VCode® app.
  • Video Landing Page – Scan a VCode® to take you to a dedicated video landing page showing a single video and associated text. There is no limit to the amount of pages you can create.
  • Play List – Scan a VCode® to take you to a specific play list of your hosted videos, set up simply within the portal.
  • Channel – Scan a VCode® to take you to a ZiMovi Channel. All channels are fully brandable with your logos and brand colours.
  • Video Booth – Scan a VCode® to take you to a Video Booth which allows you to create ‘data capture’ questionnaires with an option for users to respond using their in-device camera or pre-recorded video footage.
  • Questionnaire – Scan a VCode® to take users to a textual ZiMovi hosted questionnaire. All results can be exported from the ZiMovi platform.

You can generate a VCode® to appear anywhere (merchandise, print materials, documents, etc) which, when scanned, link back to the above options. With these functions you will have access to both VCode® and ZiMovi analytics providing full reporting on your viewers end to end customer journey.

Use Cases

With VStreams, ZiMovi channel owners can integrate a VCode® at multiple point(s) within a video enabling the viewer to scan or click for a further information or if needed to redirect to an external URL. The use of a VCode® enables the video owner to both authenticate a viewer (based on any VCode® viewer permissions settings) and to capture the scanners details to understand their audience.

This enables the video owner to create a specific interaction with the viewer in a number of different ways as determined by the VCode® configuration.

VStreams can be used in several situations including:

  • Events – the VCode® can appear on big screens, the stage, promotions and merchandise around the arena. Scanning the VCode® can give the audience access to behind the scenes video footage, trailers and promotional videos. the VCode® can be use for identification at the gate/door to authorise entry.
  • Training – A VCode® can be added to any item or purchase which, once scanned, grants access to ‘how to’ and training videos,of bonus materials for that device/product
  • Recruitment – Assign a VCode® to a candidate which opens their video interview application, or assign a VCode® to a job post which opens a video of the job description, manager, team, environment etc
  • Related Content – Click or scan a VCode® to watch more videos related to the current video – this creates an efficient experience for the viewer and provides you with end to end analytics of the customer journey
  • Questionnaires – Click or scan a VCode® to access other ZiMovi features including questionnaires, competitions, quizzes or to collect user generated content (Video Booth)
  • Purchase or Pay – Click or scan a VCode® to purchase, pay or access further information
  • Charity – Scan to watch a documentary or promotional video or scan a VCode® to direct to your Donate page
  • Retail and Marketing – Loyalty schemes encouraging a viewer to watch a video and receive a voucher/discount
  • Viewer Authentication – By adding a VCode® to protected content and videos, users can protect their videos from unauthorised viewing by configuring the authentication credentials of users by geographic area, a users authenticated email address, date, day and exact time.
  • Video Piracy – Video owners can protect their videos from unauthorised viewing and distribution by adding a VCode® to authenticate the view and by embedding a micron level VCode® to their video to allow them to detect the source if the video is distributed without authorisation.
  • Click-to-Call – Add a VCode® to a video configured with click-to-call. Once a Viewer is authenticated via the app they will be able to click to originate either a voice or a video call direct to wherever required, to order or discuss the products and services being promoted after viewing via VCode®, which can be user specific.

The VCode® scanner can be branded and personalised.

Download the VCode® App and scan the code on this page to see a VCode® in action.

The VCode® feature is an add on to your ZiMovi channel. VCode®s are purchased on credit basis through the ZiMovi platform.

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