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ZiMovi July Newsletter – Watch Stuff Happen!

Welcome to the very first ZiMovi newsletter! We have been busily improving and simplifying ZiMovi over the last few months, adding some fantastic new features to help you get the most out of your videos; wherever they may currently be hosted, using just one central dashboard to instantly see  ‘where, when & how’ every viewing is taking place – globally! 

Read on to find out more about these exciting updates and what they will do for you…including:
  • The new ZiMovi website & video
  • New and unique features; ZiMovi Studio, calls to action overlays, geo location tools & Insight tips
  • New price plans including a ‘Free Trial’
  • New branding options to customise your channel
  • New walkthrough guide to learn to use the full ZiMovi Tool Set
  • ZiMovi referrer links
Check out our new website design!

The creation of a new look ZiMovi Website was the first on the list, massively visual and easy to navigate your way round so you can find out what you want in no time at all. Create your own video channel with a couple of clicks on a free trial and experience all the benefits of your own ZiMovi video platform.
Understand How ZiMovi can boost your business

We have created a new explainer video highlighting the full power, features and benefits of the ZiMovi platform, helping you to understand how it can boost your business. Please watch below
ZiMovi has new price plans which now include a free trial and lite user option

Whilst continuing to support our ‘Business’ and ‘Corporate’ users, we’ve also added a ‘Consultant’ package at £100 per Month and ‘Lite’ package at £50 per month to our price plans. Our packages are determined by monthly usage ensuring there is a package to suit every user.

Looking to try before you buy? We’ve also launched a 30 day free trial option which allows you to try out all of ZiMovi’s features for a full 30 days – completely free of charge!
As a thank you to our early adopters
To support our early adopters we’ve now reset the clock on all ZiMovi trial accounts allowing you a further 30 days to set up your channel, share your videos, review the full analytics and unleash the full power of the ZiMovi platform.
Making the most of ZiMovi with our quick dashboard guide
With ZiMovi being so feature rich we have designed an easy to use dashboard guide to walk you through these features and to enable you to get the most out of your videos. You will learn how to upload videos, add calls to action and access reports and analytics in just a couple of minutes. Start the journey by logging into your ZiMovi channel now.
Increase user engagement with the ZiMovi video studio

The new intuitive ZiMovi video studio allows you to Insert multiple interaction points using images, links and text, enabling the insertion of adverts pre and post roll, calls to action (CTA) such as requests for contact or more information, monetisation or links to external sites. Break your video into chapters and allow viewers to jump to specific points in the video. All of these features make your videos richer, more dynamic and interactive, increasing user engagement.
Location insights with ZiMovi’s geo-location tool
The video studio also includes new global features. Your geo-location tool lets you see exactly where your viewers are around the globe, right down to an amazing 11 metres! Plus you can review the results on a google map with each viewer ‘PIN’ giving the exact details of when and where they watched your video.
Use ZiMovi’s Geo Smart Analytics
Your ZiMovi account will automatically detect which country users are in and present analytics and statistics in local time zones alongside price packages in the associated Pound, Euro or Dollar currency rate.

We’ve also added in more analytics and reports for you to view, including viewing comparisons for comparing the number of shares on different social network platforms.  
Rebrand your personal channel and boost your brand visibility

Do you want greater control over your brand on a ZiMovi channel? OK! We’ve listened and added in a new look with new options to give you greater control of rebranding and customising your video channel. You can update your settings once you’ve logged in to ZiMovi.com by clicking on ‘The Channel’ and selecting ‘Details and appearance’. 
ZiMovi Referrer Links

To support our reseller community, we’ve created personalised ZiMovi referrer links for you to share with your clients. These links contain an individual reseller code, which will track and log your sales.

You can find your ZiMovi referrer links by logging into your Aphonet account and selecting My Account under the settings tab on the right hand side and then selecting the Aphonite URL. Please contact us on support@zimovi.com if you have any questions about your Aphonet account or if you’re interested in joining us as a ZiMovi reseller. 
  • ZiMovi Evolution
    • Yes the ZiMovi platform is feature rich but it doesn’t stop here! Here’s a peek into the future…
  • Playbar logo referrals
    • Add the ZiMovi logo to your video playbar and we’ll track and reward you for any users who sign up for a ZiMovi account directly from your video
  • Reseller Reports    
    • We understand the importance of KPI’s and Management reports which give you full details of your reseller’s accounts. We’re in the process of creating a host of reports, which you will be able to download, giving you full details on the usage and account sign-up conversions of the reseller accounts you have signed up. We’ll be making all of these downloadable directly from the portal.
Thank You!
We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from us! We’re always interested in hearing from you and receiving your feedback and ideas. Please do drop us a line anytime at: support@ZiMovi.com 
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